Firstmate is a Xero Specific Chartered Accounting company who works with small to medium size businesses. We ensure the accounting side of their business runs smoothly so the business owners can focus on their products and services.


Firstmate is a new brand in the Chartered Accounting market but the two Directors, Terry Nicholas and Andrew Maddren, have over 35 years of combined Chartered Accounting background specialising mainly in business development.

  • Firstmate is an online based business for clients using or wanting to start using Xero accounting software. We can partner with you anywhere in the country.
  • We offer fixed fee accounting service packages for small to medium sized businesses to ensure that the accounting side of the business runs smoothly.
  • In addition to the fixed fee accounting service packages, we are able to offer a full range of added value accounting services via our third party business development specialists.
  • Firstmate is a Xero Gold Partner.
  • Firstmate uses dedicated Licensee Accountants. Each client is assigned to a Licensee Accountant who will look after their accounting needs. As the Licensee Accountant is effectively running their own business they are dedicated in the same way a business owner would be.
  • All Firstmate Licensee Accountants are Xero certified and have been trained by the Firstmate firm. They must follow Firstmate standard processes to ensure consistency and standardisation of the level of service each client receives. In addition, all accounts go through a review process to ensure the standard processes are being followed.